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Gregory Matthews




Even after the awful tortures that have been widely shown in the media here, as of today, August 20, there has been no reaction from the Seventh-day Adventist church at all, from any level. No letter from Belarus Union of Churches, no word from the Euro-Asian Division, not a word from the man who calls himself the “President of the World Church of Seventh-day Adventists.” No one in the church seems to care about the violence here. The organization seems more interested in protecting itself than in what is happening to the people on the ground. 

Not so for some other churches. Pope Francis called for prayer about Belarus this past Sunday. The Roman Catholic cardinal, head of the Belarus church, is still trying every day to meet the police chief to try to stop the violence. In my city, Catholic priests opened the gates of their cathedral so protesters could find safety inside, and for several days their building was a hiding place. Many Russian Orthodox priests also are trying to be out with the people, and trying to get messages to the authorities. I know other believers, Catholics and Protestant, who are volunteering and supporting people in need.

An organization is different from a church. An organization protects itself, its assets. It wants to avoid reprisals. So it must honor rulers more than it does ordinary people. Jesus’ church—his real body—is made up of people who sense what is happening around them, and who serve and love people even when a mere organization is hiding away so as to escape bad consequences. 

Sometimes members and pastors must take risks on their own. They must not always stay on the safe side of the wall or, as we’ve often been told, remain “independent of politics.”


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Thank  you  for  possting  this  article====we  all  need  to  pray  that  the  HOLY  SPIRIT helps  us  to have  JESUS  CHARTER 


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