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On Racial Issues

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2 hours ago, bonnie said:

Do you abhor all dishonesty/lies ?  Biden has proven himself to be a liar for decades.

His dishonesty during his first run for the presidency caused him to withdraw from the race.  From claiming to be coal miner, civil rights activist, being shot at in Irag, knowing where Bin Laden was and on and on. All lies.

Is this something you consider a serious character flaw in Biden and, Lying lips are an abomination to YAHWEH? 

Or just when it concerns Trump? To my knowledge Biden has never admitted to lying. It is always a mistake but never blatant dishonesty.


I have posted volumes of material here on Adventistan regarding Biden from his acts in Congress for the mass incarceration of black men, to his attempted sexual assault of Tara Reade, the often video molesting of young girls right in front of TV cameras, and even his involvement in the Burisma scandal for which Congress attempted to impeach Trump over.

I have also posted many things from various Blacks including all the way back to George Washington Carver (who wrote of the white people lynched in the South trying to help the Black folks of the South), comments from Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens ( a very articulate Black women who challenges the Black community on why they often make thugs and criminals into heros), and even ordinary men in the street detailing the good things that President Trump did for the Black community that Biden in 47 years of accomplishing little in his time in the Congress while he praised exKKK member Robert Byrd at his funeral. Under the presidency of Donald Trump, unemployment among Black, Latinos, and women have never been better (until Covid of which a rapid recovery is taking place).

President Trump, Ben Carson, any Adventist who supports him, and lastly me (with name calling) have been repeatedly trashed.

Incredibly, the tags "racism" and "hateful" have repeatedly been applied to President Trump, but several requests for examples of the said behaviors have gone unanswered. 

So, good luck!

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On 11/10/2020 at 5:59 PM, stinsonmarri said:

Photodude: This is for you and Joe! This is a sin and a shame

So you would rather see a guy who supports a global one-world government, is a hypocrite to his Catholic faith (indeed his Christianity) by supporting abortion and the gay agenda and will eventually crumble under pressure from the radical left than a man who may say some arguably offensive or stupid things, but kept almost every one of his campaign promises?  Biden and Harris both are bigger racists than Trump could ever be.  Look at their respective history concerning treatment of African Americans rather than your own prejudices.  For example, it was Obama - not Trump - that initiated putting Mexicans in cages and separating parents from children.

Unfortunately, it looks like the USA will indeed elect Biden and his globalist agenda.  Well, we get the government we deserve I guess.  God help us.

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