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Douglas Grimm. RIP going to miss him a lot.

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  • Stan changed the title to Douglas Grimm. RIP going to miss him a lot.

Douglas was one on my mailing list.  I have about 150 people on a mailing list that I send greeting cards to about four or five times a year.  He was one of few that wrote back so we corresponded by snail mail for several years.  He will be missed but he touched so many lives that I am sure he will have many stars on his crown when we meet him in heaven.

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I do not often show up but I felt I needed to post to this.

  I knew Doug as an online friend who helped me through some rough times. He was there when I needed someone to talk to after my mom passed away. He was always full of smiles and uplifting. I feel for his sons and the rest of his family. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace Doug. We all love and will miss you immensely. 

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Wow, I'm still in shock when Gail notified me today!! I know I will miss him very much and know that he will be one of my first people to look for when we get to heaven!! And as BlessedMan has said "I always looked forward to his replies here on the forum. A gentle, peace, loving, peace making man of God." I most definitely agree with that statement!! I knew something was wrong when I hadn't seen him posting, but never would've guessed this!! Anyway his family will be in my prayers and will look forward to meeting him in the earth made new!!

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Gregory Matthews

Gentlepeople, Stan has sent me the following:

I was shocked to learn that one of our long term, and prolific posters. Douglass Grimm, passed away in the past few days.

I don not recall him posting anything that caused hostilities to anyone.

If anyone has more details, including time/place of funeral  please post here.

If we would get enough donations, we could send flowers,  https://www.paypal.me/clubadventist. Please specify this is memory of DGrimm.


Add a tribute to this post, please.



Going to miss him, and his positive support




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On 10/4/2020 at 6:32 AM, Stan said:

Sad newsScreen Shot 2020-10-04 at 6.01.15 AM.png

Dear Stan and other members: I am truly sorry for the lost of your friend. My prayers are with you all and especially with his family. May you all be comfort through this time of grief.❤️🙏

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