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not only fires in California

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Something strange happened to me last week.

It was Thursday and I was cutting up an organic onion to put in my salad.  I had the distinct impression to put the pieces in the microwave.  In my mind, I protested thinking, you know I don't use microwave for food!  Silence.  So, I spread the chopped onion out on a flat plate and put them in the microwave for 1 minute.  To my shock and surprise about 25 flames sparked up from the onion pieces.  Arcing like crazy!!  That meant that there was metal on the onions.  I quickly discarded the onion down the disposal.  I suspected my utensils thinking they were aluminum instead of stainless steel.  I gathered them all up and threw them out.  Then I found a couple of knifes that I knew were old, not made in China, saying stainless steel stamped on them.  

I cut up another onion and spread it out on the plate and put it in the microwave like before and put only 20 seconds on the microwave.  20 flames of fire arcing up over the onions and sparking!!  I called my husband to witness and he was amazed.  I told him what I had done.  

Threw that one down the disposal too.

Now I'm suspecting the ONION has metal in it.  Chopped up another.  The outside did not spark and fire.  Chopped up the inside of the onion and yes it sparked and fired up.  down the disposal with another.  

Then I thought to get a video of this.  So I prepared another onion and guess what?  No sparks!!  That figures.  
I threw the only one left out.

Bought a new bag and checked label to be sure it was not from that location.  

Today put chopped up onion in microwave and only one small area sparked flames.  I discarded that part and ate the rest.
Something is going on!!  I don't know what.

This it does tell me, that onions are a great absorber of metals!  But how are they growing them, where are they growing them? 
I have only green onions in my deck garden and they did not spark.

I'm thinking of trying conventional onions and see what I get next.  

any thoughts?

I thank God for warning me of this!!

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On 10/13/2020 at 8:12 AM, Gregory Matthews said:

Rahab, the following website gives you two major reasons why your onions fired up in a microwave.  In addition, it also lists other foods that you should not cook in a microwave.,




Yes thanks for the link. I agree with the part about metal in the tissues. 
there was a definite arc going on. 
years ago I used to put onions in microwave and never experienced this. 
also my own garden onions do not arc like this. 

I expect the popping and sizzling from the vapors trapped. 

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i've just found out that for growing organic veggies, they are using sewage sludge and it is laced with heavy and light metals !!  The root crops seems to absorb this more than others....


I'm going back to the conventional ones.

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I once warmed up a cup of peas in the breakroom at work.  It was sparking the whole time.  I went ahead and ate them anyway and the other workers were shocked.  I guess I just like peas. ;)

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I’m using the microwave as a test only now. 
I’m wondering about my frozen organic peas. 
guess I’ll have to ‘put it to the test’

20 seconds seems to be enough for a test

really don’t want to fry the megatron

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