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Loma Linda University is Selling Whiskey Decanters for your Favorite Brand of Alcohol

Are you looking for a good place to store your whiskey? No worries. Loma Linda University has got you covered. For only $69.98 Loma Linda University (LLU) will sell you a custom, beautiful, deep-etched crystal whiskey decanter to store your favorite whiskey. These whiskey decanters even come complete with the Loma Linda University name and logo engraved on every bottle.


LLU link:


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A number of people have contacted Richard Hart of LLU and these products have been removed. This seems to be a website managed by Barnes and Noble for universities and it has not been spelled out exactly how Barnes and Noble would sell an item for LLU with their logo without obtaining permission from the university, but LLU has dealt with the issue. Now Oakwood University needs to get their name off of these items and who knows how many other SDA colleges have perhaps unwittingly had their names and logos put on whisky decanters.

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Gregory Matthews

This type of an issue has happened before.  In actual fact, there are often fund raising groups that raise funds for hospitals without clearing everything that they do with the hospital.  SDA hospitals have been embarrassed in the past by such.   It happens.

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