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Building a Relationship with God

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I have found that I am closest to God when I practice prayer and meditation daily.  I read a morning devotion every day (I often read several) and journal.  My journal helps cement the message of the devotional book into my mind.  Studying my Sabbath School lesson before going to bed is also this relationship with God.  Neuroscience has taught us that information is transferred into memory while we sleep.  Students do better on exams if they study before going to bed as opposed to studying in the morning before taking the exam. Of course, I do not sacrifice sleep in order to do my Sabbath School lesson.  Good sleep is esencial to mental health - probably more than a healthy diet.  Distractions are an issue.  Electronic media studies us well and knows what interests us.  Thus we can lose hours on YouTube or Facebook.  Avoiding those sites would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water but I have learned I need to be aware of the time and make prayer and meditation a priority. 

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Unfortunately, the cartoon sums it up pretty well.  I highlighted in my Bible the other day, "How long will you love foolishness?"

Do you also read through books in the Bible as part of your morning devotion?

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