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Who Is Taking The Covid19 Vaccine When It Becomes Available?

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It appears that Caucasians  65+ will be on a extended wait list. Instead of all those over 65 it is now a priority for blacks and hispanics receive theirs first regardless of age. 35 year olds are now getting the vaccine instead of those like my husband with some very serious health issues.

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Gitmo terrorist prisoners moved to head of the vaccine line —Biden Pentagon - American Thinker

January 29, 2021

Gitmo terrorist prisoners moved to head of the vaccine line —Biden Pentagon

President Joe Biden's Pentagon has just jumped 40 Islamo-fascist terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay to the head of the COVID-19 vaccine line. 

In a country where more than 300 million citizens and legal residents are enduring a long-term wait for the vaccine, these prisoners are now queued up for their first vaccination shots as soon as next week. 

These terrorist beneficiaries of Biden's misguided compassion include 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed


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12 minutes ago, phkrause said:

I heard that a few minutes ago. That decision was reached after there was a lot of push back over the sheer stupidity of the plan to begin with. Without that there isn't much doubt this genius plan would have gone forward

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I wonder if Biden's plan to handle covid included  vaccinations for guantánamo-bay-prisoners?

Biden's big plan that he would disclose after inauguration sounds a lot like Obama's lie of shovel ready jobs. Both men made claims they knew was a lie, Obama (chuckle chuckle) there never was any shovel ready jobs, Biden now says  guess what ,nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the virus.

At least there was enough of a push back from those with some common sense

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