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Treasures in Isaiah (A Preview!)

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Treasures in Isaiah
Ellet J Waggoner

Usually you read a book before you write a review. However, time issues among other reasons suggest a preview after just a few pages!

1st quarter Sabbath School lessons for 2021 will be on Isaiah. So, it was interesting to take out my copy of Treasures in Isaiah and start reading it in anticipation of having other resources for teaching Sabbath School in the next quarter. I was quite surprised at this book after only reading a few pages. Ellet Waggoner has an interesting style of writing and the things he sees as he discusses the Bible impress me very much. And then he includes in his book Isaiah as translated by Robert Lowth in the 18th century. Not only was Robert Lowth a theologian, but he was also gifted in English grammer and was a professer of poetry. In addition, he also wrote a book on Hebrew poetry. 

The time issue is the new quarter starts this sabbath and I believe this would be an excellent book to read along with the Sabbath School lessons this quarter. There used to be a book accompanying SS quarterlies, but this quarter there does not seem to be one listed in the quarterly.


Bishop Lowth made a translation of the Book of Isaiah, first published in 1778. The Seventh-day Adventist theologian E. J. Waggoner said in 1899 that Lowth's translation of Isaiah was "without doubt, as a whole, the best English translation of the prophecy of Isaiah".

http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupname?key=Lowth%2C Robert%2C 1710-1787

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