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End of the Age: Truth is Dead in the Streets

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Anyone paying attention has noted an intense flurry of activity in congress and surrounding President Trump. Social media has been blocking him. What the average citizen should be concerned about is the intense fight over information. Information is being blocked. Information is being distorted for political purposes. Rumors are spreading like wildfire. And that all makes for a disastrous outcome. 

Twitter has blocked several people in government who happen to be conservative. Parler has been removed from Apple and the Android store and shut down on AWS who was hosting the service. Never mind that BLM continues to post their stuff and pornography of all types continues to exist on these services, but don't talk about America and the dangers confronting it. An internet provide in Idaho is now blocking Facebook and Twitter!

There is a serious move underway to take over this country by the leftists politicians that is likely to soon end in serious bloodshed. Taking over a government of a large country like the US has in the past led to millions being massacred.

I understand that the Bible prophesied a time when religious persecution would arise from out of America during the making of the image to the beast, but it does not mean that the Bible necessarily needs to predict every sort of thing coming down the road of political upheaval.

BREAKING: Big Tech Launches Massive Attack Against Millions of Conservatives, Free Speech in Peril


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23 hours ago, B/W Photodude said:

An internet provide in Idaho is now blocking Facebook and Twitter!

For those with long memories of the extreme human rights abuses in Uganda, this is a shocking development when the Ugandan government can act more responsibly than big tech companies in the US! It seems that these companies want to meddle in Ugandan politics also. 


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Muppets who ignore history are indeed DOOMED to repeat it. Unfortunately there are enough Muppets to drag a significant amount of the population down with them. 

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The next few days (today through Monday) will reveal much.  Chatter in the alleged intelligence community makes them fear one or more "mass casualty events" this week.  Trump could invoke the Insurrection Act and/or declare marital law across the country.  All media (radio, TV Internet) could be shut down for as long as ten days. Then again, maybe not.  Who can we believe these days?  One thing I don't expect is Left- and Right-wingers dropping their differences; coming together to exchange flowers, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya together.

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