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End of the Age: Persecution

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In Daniel, Jesus is said to stand up and there would be a time of trouble as never before. I never considered all the years I was growing up exactly what persecution of God's people would exactly look like and viewed it as simply a steady transparent move to intolerance and then persecution. But in recent years, it seems that all the moves to persecute God's followers would come from seeming unrelated occurrences. While persecution may be an end result, it may not start out as a persecution of other people for unrelated reasons. It is just the machinery was put in place to allow it to happen. Mind you, I am speaking as an American and have never lived in one of the countries of the world where more blatant direct persecution of Christians occurs, it is just that the involvement of America in end time events is part of Revelation.

However, that indirect process of incarcerating people now seems to be beginning to gain a foothold, if not in actual practice, but in the minds of people especially lawmakers. Consider this bill being considered in New York State:


It doesn't stop there, it is likely to be used by the ideologues of the far left for political uses. Note some of the comments from the link to follow:

During the George Floyd protests last summer, the American Medical Association declared “racism” a public health threat even worse than COVID.

If the government has the power to detain people for being a public health risk, and the American Medical Association says racism is a public health risk, the government now has a right to detain people for being racist. Who would determine who is a racist?

How much farther down the road to they have to get before they are imprisoning Sabbath keepers for not honoring Sunday, that day of rest for the New World Order and the green deal. After all, shouldn't you want to change your Sabbath to save the world?

Ideologues similar to this are the ones who were able to carry out mass killings in Socialist/Communist takeovers in a number of countries said to total 100 million people in the last century.


Carrying these threats even further, some have even suggested taking children away from their parents and putting them into re-education camps. A number of politicians have promoted revenge against conservatives. News flash, the American education system for sometime has been a socialist education camp for decades. Ever wonder why so many young people are actually able to say they approve of a socialist form of government, never thinking it through how they directly and personally will be affected by it?


To make this all transparent, the lawyer who suggested this has been fired by PBS for his comments


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On 1/12/2021 at 6:42 PM, B/W Photodude said:

How much farther down the road to they have to get before they are imprisoning Sabbath keepers for not honoring Sunday

The persecution of Jews and Christians will be MUCH bigger than the Sabbath issue.  Plenty of non-Sabbath keepers will be persecuted as well.  The main issue will be "Are you going to serve the world government, world economy and world religion and forsake Jesus Christ, or are you gonna remain on the suicidal path of those crazy Christians (SDA and non-SDA together)"?

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well, whatever is going to happen, we cannot change "our" Sabbath, because its not "our" Sabbath. They will have to take their fight directly to Jesus for that one. When they decide to accuse us of anything, just politely reply

"JESUS dropped the charges."

The Merchant's Tears


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