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Kingdom of Adventistan

I Had A Dream

Gregory Matthews

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As I sit at my desk, today, February 1, 2021, at 3:15 AM (I have a sleep disorder that gets me up early in the morning.)  I am reflecting on a dream that I had last night. As I reflect on it I believe that there is a message in that dream that it would be of value to share.

First, I will digress a bit:  In my construct of dreams, they are the product of an uninhibited brain that is unbridled by elements of rational thought.  I have heard of people who seemingly have received a dream from God.  I have never considered myself to have received such.  I do not believe that my dream came from God.

But, I am a reflective person.  In the 80 years of my life journey, there have been times when I have gone through some struggles, which have included struggles of faith.  At times those struggles have included consequences of my own stupidity, and inappropriate decisions.  Those consequences did not come because God caused them.  I was the cause.  I was responsible.  But, in reflecting on those times, I have seen that God was with me.  God did not desert me   Rather God walked along the path that I had chosen and sustained me in my spiritual journey back to faith.

It is from that perspective that I approach the dream that I had last night.  It is not that my dream came from God.  Rather it is that in my irrational dream is a message of hope and of peace.

In my dream, it was a stormy night. The wind and the rain were great.  Floods and mud slides were expected.  Roads were expected to be washed out.  But, it was a moment of quiet.  The winds and rain had stopped.   I felt a need to go out and about, for some unknown call to do ministry.  I do not know what that was about.  My wife objected as she considered it to be dangerous.  But, I went to our car and began to drive along the mountain roads.  Where I was going, and why, was not an element of my dream. 

Well, a massive storm arose.  The winds and rains came. A flood of water washed out the road on which I was driving and carried me off, down the mountain side, to where I do not know.  Finally I was deposited safe and sound in a place that I recognized.  I drove home to rejoin my wife.

I say again, I consider my dream to be the product of my unbridled mind that was not bound by rational standards of thought.  But, I am reflective.  The message of that dream to me is that God will accompany me through the life journey that I must take, regardless of whether or not my choices were appropriate.

The message that I have to give to you is:  Regardless of where your walk in life takes you, regardless of the spiritual journey that you take, God accompanies you and will sustain you.  Do not give up the faith.



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