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Rape & the Bible

Gregory Matthews

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At first, I was not going to post this.  Then I remembered those who post in this forum suggesting that males may be falsely accused of rape.    So, after reflection, I decided to post:


False Accusations: Is It Mrs. Potiphar’s Fault? | Adventist Today (atoday.org)


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On 5/1/2021 at 5:54 PM, Gregory Matthews said:

At first, I was not going to post this.  Then I remembered those who post in this forum suggesting that males may be falsely accused of rape.

I am sorry, Gregory, but I am going to have to seriously object to nearly everything this author said. Part of the problem with this article is the author, and part of the problem is with aToday. The article was very one-sided and made no effort to clear things up that have occurred in the time intervening from Justice Kavanaugh's hearings. This is part of why I think of aToday as the "CNN" of "Adventist" publications.


False Accusations: Is It Mrs. Potiphar’s Fault?

By Lindsey Abston Painter  |  30 April 2021  |

Some years ago when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I wrote a piece for Adventist Today about believing women who share their stories of sexual assault.[1]

The number of people who worried that this “poor, vulnerable” federal judge would have his life ruined

one might conclude that every man is terrified at every moment, lest a woman make a false claim against him.

Glaringly omitted from this article was the the accusation against Joe Biden. There was much more substantial witness for Tara Reade that for Dr. Ford. Yet this article, published only within this week, failed to make any mention of the Tara Reade story. This very much suggests a political agenda on the part of the author and aToday's editor who should have rejected it and sent it back.

Nevertheless, men fearing false accusations is a serious issue in today's culture and the repercussions are that many men are starting to refuse to mentor women in the workplace which will in the future affect many women.

Unfortunately, these feminist narratives are catching many good people up in their false assertions. Previously mentioned are the wide spread lies of the feminists such as the superbowl domestic violence hoax, the March of Dimes hoax and then more recently the increase in domestic violence during lockdown hoax, which generated revenue for feminist activities such as women's shelter's. One well known Adventist evangelist discredited himself by beginning his evangelism series by interviewing a head of a women's shelter who went on and on about how men were going to be violent during the pandemic. If any one was going to be a victim it was men being locked up with their wives. http://www.newscastmedia.com/domestic-violence.htm  More than 70% of domestic violence in the home is initiated by women! Needless to say, I have nothing more to do with this particular ministry. (They were conducting a signup for people to go out and contact people who were interested in what he had to say.)


More than one of the angry comments mentioned the biblical account of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. By the time I finished reading, I had a headache from excessive eye rolling. As I went to search for some Advil, I stopped to ponder Potiphar’s wife and Joseph.

This "excessive eye rolling" indicates a bias on the part of the story regarding those elements which she did not approve of, primarily being fair to men. 


Bible Rape

Unfortunately, in an effort to gain some credibility for her attitudes, she stooped to begin questioning and misinterpreting the Bible, and even attempting character assassination of men in the Bible. None more eggregious than Joseph.


Let’s assume that Joseph was totally blameless, that a rejected woman, in her anger, accused him falsely, and he was consequently thrown into prison. That’s a pretty sobering story.

Note that she will only assume that Joseph was blameless! Joseph was not the only person in the history of this world who had to defend himself from the advances of a woman consumed by her sexual desires. It happens far more than you would believe. One such situation is the virtual flood of female teachers going back years in the country who are now being arrested, tried, and convicted of statutory rape of young boys and even young girls. Rarely have these predators been given the same treatment in the courts that the male teacher caught in the same situation would receive. Recently, a female teacher was given a 20 year sentence which was a first that I have seen in the news as they often get no more than probation, loss of teacher credentials, and maybe weekends in jail for a year. Boys as young as 14 have been saddled with child support payments as a result of these sexual assaults by grown women.


But then I pull back my biblical lens and try to see the picture from a wider perspective. What about the women in Scripture who had every right to make an accusation of rape but didn’t? Were there any of them?

Typical feminist trick are the "what ifs". Insinuate that it is far more than known to attempt some credibility. 


Bathsheba, for example, probably wasn’t thrilled about the peeping-tom king who “requested” her presence in his bed and then killed her husband.

This is an interesting situation in that it assumes that all the fault is David's. Would we really continue the trashing of David's character to assume he would do something even worse if Bathsheba had refused? How many of the women in Israel would have jumped at the chance to sleep with the king if the opportunity arose, even if married. A very large percentage of men in this country have no doubts that their wives have some famous person (movie star, etc) that they would without hesitation commit adultery with them if able. Research it! (Men ... who would your wife commit adultery with if she had the chance?)


Moses commanded his army to kill all of the Midianite women except the virgins, whom the soldiers got to “keep for themselves.”

And attempting to trash the character of Moses was even more of a low blow. Did not Moses often receive specific instructions from God before battle with varying instructions on how to conduct the battle? Some cities, everyone was killed. Other cities, women and children were spared. Men lost every time!


Of course, these biblical stories of countless brutalized women don’t justify a false accusation by one woman. But it puts the story of Potiphar’s wife into a larger perspective, doesn’t it?

Only for you, Lindsey!


The False-Accusation Myth

President Trump famously said that “it’s a very scary time for young men in America,” implying that false accusations are rampant. But how common are they, really?

Actually, President Trump was very truthful when he made his statement. The previous regime, of which Biden was part of, bought into the lie of 1 in 4-5 women being raped on college campuses. So, a reign of terror began in the colleges and universities in this country. Kangaroo courts were established in the universities and their primary outcome was that young men were denied due process in cases of alleged rape on college campuses. These "courts" were often run by radical feminists. Men and women often engage in hookups in college, but women were often overcome with regret (regret sex) and at times, many months after the fact of a hookup they were coerced into alleging rape. Men were denied opportunities to question evidence. Some cases, even the female in a situation denied rape, but the men were expelled from the university. This has led to many universities being sued and losing large undisclosed sums of money. This is why the Secretary of Education under Trump brought into place regulations to protect the rights of the accused.

Another issue in the situation is that these hookups often occurred under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is alleged that a women cannot consent if intoxicated, but an intoxicated man will be guilty! This illustrates that men are called to a higher lever of morality than women are called to! There have been a number of cases where intoxicated men were taken advantage of by women and then they were punished by the kangaroo coolege courts. Perhaps Lindsey should have acquainted her self with the situation before running off at the pen! 


Analysts estimate that somewhere between 2 percent and 10 percent of rape accusations are considered false.

The result? Just 2 percent of reported rapes—one in 50—are determined to be false because an accuser is judged to be intentionally lying.[3]

This is another disingenuous act of Lindsey's. She provides a range for false accusations and then goes with the number that most supports her case!


Can We Assume Joseph’s Story Is True?

What if this is someone’s—presumably a man’s—biased or inaccurate telling of what happened? 

I believe we’re justified in questioning Joseph’s testimony against Mrs. Potiphar, based on what we know about Old Testament men.

Of course, you can't believe a man! Oh! And by the way, you also can't believe the Bible story. "Justified in questioning" Joseph's testimony, of course. Women must always be believed because they never lie!


David sinned because Bathsheba took off her clothes to take a bath. 
Lot blamed his daughters for making him drunk so they could get pregnant by him. 
Abraham blamed Sarah and Hagar for their scheme
Isaac blamed Rebekah for favoring Jacob over Esau

It seemed to be a biblical trend for the men to blame a woman when things went sideways in their lives. So why not Joseph—or whoever wrote his story?

So Lindsey continued on her screed by trying to take down a number of other Biblical men. I do not recall any comments in the Bible about Lot blaming his daughters. When you find it, let me know! Abraham did not blame Sarah and Hagar. Nothing in there of Isaac blaming Rebekah. But when convenient, make up you own truths to fit your narrative!


Potiphar’s Wife

Potiphar’s wife is the single exception that proves the rule—the one false accusation in the midst of thousands of cases of abuse that men drag up to justify their fear that even if they behave in a perfectly gentlemanly way, they risk being falsely accused as a result of associating with women. This is the kind of nonsense that leads to draconian measures such as the “Mike Pence rule,” by which the vice president refuses to be alone in a room with any woman except his wife.

Sorry, but the "Mike Pence rule" is about the smartest thing any politician has done in Washington for a long time! No one is going to get away with a Kavanaugh moment with him. Today, you can bet that any high profile conservative man in Washington being up for confirmation will have someone drug up to accuse him. Dr. Ford was paid off handsomely for her attempts to smear Kavanaugh. Those are desperate people with no morals we are dealing with here.


The fact that there’s so much traction for men’s fear, given the extent of actual danger, shows that despite the push of the #MeToo movement, there’s pretty good evidence that patriarchy is barely diminished at all.

Funny thing is, Joe Biden's event with Tara Reade is being credited with ending the #MeToo movement!


If we’re going to talk about fairness, maybe we could start there.

If we really want to talk about fairness, Lindsey Painter, put down your pen and go play with your cats!

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Seems the folks over at AToday have some mighty thin skins! I posted a link to the above review to their Facebook page article linking to Lindsey Painter's article. They have deleted it and banned me from posting on their Facebook page. Seems they can post articles assassinating the characters of Biblical persons, but they can't take any criticisms of what they are write!

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