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May 2021 Signs of the Times Newsletter! 


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May 2021 Signs of the Times Email Newsletter
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The Signs of the Times newsletter is a collection of stories and quotes from past issues of Signs and These Times.

     Some of the greatest turning points of history have come as the result of the faith of spiritual fishermen who, refusing to be discouraged by the empty nets, went on lowering them again and again. Have you ever stopped to recall, for example, how long Abraham Lincoln toiled without success? He was defeated time and time again. He was defeated as a candidate for the legislature, as a candidate for speaker, as a candidate for elector, as a candidate for United States senator, as a candidate for vice-presidential nomination, as a candidate for commissioner of the Land Office, as a candidate for congressional nomination, as a candidate for re-election to Congress. Death destroyed his plans for a happy marriage. Disappointment attended other love affairs. He failed in business; he lost his property. Failure dogged his steps. He turned his back on his failures and went on to great success, and his name will live forever in history.—By Estelle Finnegan, These Times, August 1951.

Quote: "Never hesitate to ask for advice—everybody likes to give it."—Unknown, The Youth’s Instructor, January 8, 1929.

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     The children in a certain school had been told by their teacher that the members of the school board were coming to visit them, therefore they must be on their good behavior. Two of the small girls were discussing the matter, when one of them reminded the other, "They may come any time. You had better clean up your desk."
     "Oh, I will do that tomorrow."
     "But they may come tomorrow."
     "I will clean it up before I go this afternoon."
     "But what if they come this morning?"
     "Maybe I had better clean it now and keep it clean all the time. Then I won't be ashamed."
     Very good philosophy, wasn't it? It is still good reasoning. Our desks should be clean, our lives free of rubbish all the time.—By James Wallace, Our Times, November 1949.

Quote: I am learning more and more each year that all worry consumes, and to no purpose, just so much physical and mental strength that might otherwise be given to constructive work.—Booker T. Washington, These Times, May, 1951.

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     Everyone has heard of Heinz, whose fifty-seven varieties have satisfied the hunger of millions. But few know that Mr. Heinz was a soul winner. At a revival meeting one day the minister turned to him suddenly and said, "You're a Christian man. Why don't you get up and get busy for Christ?"
     Mr. Heinz went home in anger. He went to bed, but he couldn't sleep. At four o'clock in the morning he got down on his knees and asked God to make him a power for Him. Then he went to sleep.
     Soon after this he attended a meeting of bank presidents. Turning to the man next to him, he spoke of the Christian life. The man looked at him in amazement and said, "I've wondered many times why you have never spoken to me about Christ if you really believe in Him."
     That man was the first of 267 souls that Mr. Heinz won to Christ from that time onward to the end of his life.—By H. M. S. Richards, These Times, July 1951.

Quote: “When a soul is converted, a new mansion is started in heaven.”—By Charles G. Bellah, Signs of the Times, December 19, 1929.

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     He hated him. The Adventist didn’t know it, but Eustorgio hated the man with every fiber of his being. Hated him enough to kill. And that was just what he was going to do. Tonight.
     “Mmm, that smells good!” the Adventist said as he stepped into Eustorgio’s small adobe house in the mountains of Peru. “I’m so glad you invited me for dinner. I have such good news to tell you! My life has changed so much since I accepted the Lord. Would you like to hear about it?”
     “Why, of course! Why don’t you tell me while we eat?” The farmer put two steaming plates of beans and rice on the table, then headed into the kitchen to get the juice. He set a plain glass at his own place and gave his guest a glass with little flowers on it―the glass he’d just put poison in.
     The Adventist bowed his head and closed his eyes. “Dear Lord, I thank You for this wonderful food You have set before us. Please bless it. Amen.”
     Eustorgio watched, his body tense. The Adventist opened his eyes and smiled. “Shall we begin?” Wordlessly Eustorgio nodded.
     The Adventist picked up his glass and downed it in one gulp. “Ah, that was delicious. Papaya juice is my favorite.”
     Eustorgio’s lips curled in a smile. He was rid of him. It had been so easy! Within moments the Adventist would double over in agony. He’d fall on the floor, he’d twitch and jerk, and then he would die.
     “Yes, it is good, isn’t it?” the farmer said slowly, his smile growing as he sipped his own juice. “I made it myself especially for you.” “Why, thank you very much. That’s quite kind of you.” The Adventist kept up a steady stream of conversation while he ate.
     Ten minutes ticked by. Then fifteen. Nothing happened. Eustorigo started to sweat. What was going on?
     Two hours went by as the Adventist spoke to Eustorgio about the love of the God he’d come to know. Finally he said goodbye after inviting the farmer to accompany him to church on Saturday.
     After the man left, Eustorgio dropped to his knees, trembling uncontrollably. How could that man still be alive? He had to be a wizard. Or…maybe…everything he’d said about God was true. What was it that the Adventist had said in that prayer? Oh, yes, he’d asked God to bless the food.
     Of course. How could he be harmed by something that had been blessed by his God?
     “Oh Lord, God of that Adventist,” Eustorgio whispered with trembling lips, “now I see that You are real and that You have the power to save. Save me too.”—By Juliana Marín, From Guide’s Greatest Brave Believer Stories

“Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them. Silently and imperceptibly as we wake or sleep, we grow and wax strong, or we grow and wax weak; and at last some crisis shows us what we have become.”—By Canon Westcott, Signs of the Times, February 10, 1942.

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     I have read somewhere that in one of our English prisons there was an underground cell which was used as a place of punishment. Away from the rest of the prison, its utter loneliness and the awful darkness of the place made it greatly dreaded. Among the prisoners there was a man of refinement and nervous temperament, much unlike those about him, to whom the horror of this penalty was a fright that haunted him day and night. At length there was some alleged offense against the prison discipline, for which he was sentenced to four and twenty hours in this dungeon. He was led by the warders to the place; the door was opened, and he had to go down the stairs into its depths. The door was shut. The steps of the warders died in the distance; the outermost door was heard as its slamming echoed in the hollow places. Then all was still — a stillness that oppressed with terror amid a darkness that could be felt.
     Nervous, and full of imagination, the man sank down paralyzed with fear. Strange and hideous shapes came out of the gloom and pointed at him. His brain throbbed as with fever, and mocking voices seemed to come from all sides. He felt that before long the terror must drive him mad. Then suddenly there came the sound of footsteps overhead; and in a quiet tone the chaplain called him by name. Oh, never was any music so sweet!
     "God bless you," gasped the poor fellow. "Are you there?" He was hardly able to believe his ears.
     "Yes," said the chaplain, "and I am not going to stir from here until you come out."
     "What, sir?" he cried, fearing that he must have mistaken the words.
     "I am not going away so long as you are there," the chaplain repeated. "I heard you were here, and I knew what an agony it would be to you, so I came as soon as I could, and here I am going to stay."
     The poor man could not thank him enough.
     "God bless you," he cried. "Why, I don't mind it a bit now, with you there like that."
     The terror was gone. The very darkness was powerless to hurt while his friend was so near; unseen, but just above.
     Every now and then upon the silence came the cheery voice, "Are you all right?"
     "God bless you, sir; I am all right now," replied the poor fellow, his voice almost choked with his gratitude and gladness.
     Ah, so beside us ever He standeth, our Almighty and most loving Lord, our strength and solace. The darkness loses its terror, the fear is gone, the loneliness of life is over, for that blessed presence is a spell that destroys the power of all things to hurt us. He bendeth and whispereth to the heart, "Lo, I am with you alway." And we, what else can we do but look up and cry exultingly, " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me "? —By  Mark Guy Pearse, The Youth’s Instructor, January 1, 1929.

Quote: “Some people are blinded by gold dust.”—By Charles G. Bellah, Signs of the Times, October 8, 1929.

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I had walked life's way with an easy tread,
Had followed where comforts and pleasures led,
Until one day in a quiet place
I met the Master face to face.

I met Him and knew Him and blushed to see
That His eyes, full of sorrow, were fixed on me;
And I faltered and fell at His feet that day,
While my castles melted and vanished away.

Melted and vanished, and in their place
Naught else did I see but the Master's face,
And I cried aloud, “Oh, make me meet
To follow the steps of Thy wounded feet.”

My thought is now for the souls of men;
I have lost my life to find it again,
E'er since one day in a quiet place
I met the Master face to face.—Author Unknown, The Watchman Magazine, January 1943.

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Compiled by Dale Galusha. Please pass this newsletter on to others.
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