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Please, pray for the miracle of healing for my mother. 

She is a 74 year old woman who is unable to get the COVID vaccine due to an underlying blood disorder. One of her doctors cautioned her to not get the vaccine as it would have likely caused her blood disorder to cause her life to be shortened quickly.

The household she lives in (me, my husband and my grandmother) all contracted the COVID virus sometime late July. We started showing symptoms on July 26th. We have all been vaccinated, but not my mother.

Mom stayed isolated from the rest of the family, but began showing serious symptoms through the week: bowel irregularity, confusion and poor oxygen uptake. I insisted she be tested though she was certain she "did NOT have COVID." Her test was clearly positive. I called an ambulance and sent her to the ER on Monday, August 2nd. She struggled greatly with oxygen uptake and the disease kept progressing further.

The ER staff moved her to ICU. She was put on oxygen. She was given several different medications to combat the disease. The oxygen maxed out. She was put on a BiPAP for extra oxygen. It maxed out. As of yesterday morning (one week after trying less invasive methods), she was intubated with a ventilator and put on a feeding tube regimen. She is sedated and resting prone on her belly. 

The nursing staff is sometimes reassuring. Sometimes they are very worried and caution to give me any false hope.

I appreciate them all.

I am unable to contact Mom directly. I cannot call into the room where she could see or hear me. Because I too, had COVID symptoms within the past 2 weeks, I cannot gown up and go visit with her. My siblings have other restrictions keeping them from visiting in person. 

I must simply send my love via prayers and God's healing angels who will care for her in my place.


I pray the Lord's will be done. I pray for the miracle of healing. I pray that Mom find a sense of calm and peace as she continues this struggle. I pray that the ventilator will do the job it needs to do, and that she will soon be able to breathe on her own. I pray for her clarity of mind when she is regains consciousness. I pray for her heart, her kidneys, her lungs, her stomach and all her vital organs to be healed and disease free! I pray for her soul. I pray that wherever her mind is, deep inside, that she is finding comfort in the Love of God. I pray that I make the right decisions regarding choices I'm called to make. I pray that God will direct my path.



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Thank you, phkrause!

Mom's situation hasn't changed much. If anything, she is worsening. The doctors called me and my sister today to get the OK for DNR if it comes to that. We are praying for a miracle! We are praying for God's divine love and mercy, for His comfort and healing hand.

Thank you for adding my mother, Marsha, to your prayers! I am ever so grateful for all the prayers being lifted up on her behalf!

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Today's news isn't all good, but it's not all bad either. Mom did react to hearing her name! This is a blessing to me--reassuring that God is still working with her, and in her! Her charts haven't shown much improvement otherwise. 

Small mercies, miraculous mercies!!

Thank you for your continued prayers, all who have joined me!

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Those of you who are continuing to pray with me, thank you!

Mom has been put on an antibiotic today to help combat a possible strep infection (it might be pneumonia, I'm having a hard time reading the charts). Please pray for healing, for effective antibiotics, for God's continuing mercy and love!

Thank you!

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I was able to go to the hospital to visit Mom today. She was better AND worse than I imagined. 

I was able to hold her hand, comfort and stroke her hair. I was able to pray aloud and silently with and for her.

She is still on the ventilator, still sedated. 

CT scans indicate she's had a series of strokes. Her right side is non-ambulatory.

She cannot respond in words, only shrugs and some eye blinks. 

I fear for the very worst. I am hopeful for a miracle!

Please, continue to pray for my mother, Marsha! Pray also for courage and strength for me to GO and DO as God would have me do for her!

Thank you!

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It's been a rough 2 days.

Mom was taken off the ventilator today. Her lungs are slightly improving--ever so slightly. She has been able to maintain her oxygen levels on a regular cannula since noon today. We are in a very scary place right now--I am hoping and praying that she will continue to show improvements.

She has a DNR in place, and there will be NO further intubation if needed. 

Please, pray for a miracle of healing!

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I am sorry to report that my dear Mother passed away early Thursday morning. She was a fighter for sure! I am so glad the Lord give us comfort and surety that we will be reunited in His heavenly kingdom again! 

Thank you everyone who joined me and my family in prayer. 

God bless you each and all. 

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