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Nepalese Food Recommendation


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Nepal is a multi-ethnic country with different cultures and lifestyles. Its rich and diverse ethnic groups and cultures make a wide variety of Nepali cuisines. When you first encounter traditional Nepali food, their variety may dazzle you.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

Dal Bhat Tarkari is a Nepalese traditional food and is regarded as the national dish. Its name is composed of three parts. Dal refers to lentil soup, bhat refers to rice, and tarkari refers to curried vegetables. Dal Bhat Tarkari is usually served with kimchi and chutney. Some restaurants offer kinds of this cuisine, such as Veg Thali (dal bhat and vegetables for vegetarians), Chicken Thali (dal bhat, vegetable and curried chicken), and Mutton Thali (vegetable and curried mutton). Takaris is an ethnic minority living in the mountains and they make the best Dal Bhat Tarkari, which is known for its good taste and cooking style.

Newari Khaja Set or Samay Baji

Newari Khaja or Samay Baji, in simpler terms, is the famous snack khaja. During Niwari family gatherings and festival celebrations, there are many dishes like this. This Nepal traditional food is becoming a regular snack for everyone. Samay Baji includes chiura (mashed rice), choila (spicy meat in marinade), bara (lentil pancakes), black-eyed peas, boiled eggs, spicy kimchi, tempeh with ginger sauce, hot sauce (curried potato and bamboo shoot), and green vegetables. Newari restaurants offer the best Khaja set menu.


Dhindo, a kind of polenta, is usually cooked with cornflour and buckwheat. This kind of food can be found in most kitchens of this country. Since rice and wheat cultivation are not popular in the upper reaches, people in most areas eat Dhido. It is a popular Nepalese traditional food after the Dal Bhat, mainly paired with local kukhura ko jhol (curried chicken), green vegetables, kimchi, curried vegetables, and gundruk ko jhol (dried fermented leafy vegetables). It is rich in nutrients and regarded as a very healthy diet.


In Nepal, there're almost no restaurants that don't offer momo. No matter where you go, you can find momos. Like Chinese dumplings, momo is a kind of food with various fillings wrapped in dough. Although potato Momo is a specialty of Tibet, it has become the most popular food of Nepal and a national delicacy after improvements with Nepalese spices. It can be steamed or half-steamed and half-fried, usually served with tomato and sesame sauce. Jhol Momo (momos dipped into the spicy chutney) and Cold Momo(momos dipped into spicy gravy chutney) are also very famous. The stuffing can be vegetables, meat (chicken, butter, pork, lamb, etc.), milk tofu, cheese, etc.


Kwati is a soup that mixes nine different types of sprouted beans and is considered very healthy and delicious. This is a ceremonial dish, which is mainly made and eat during Janai Purnima/ Rakshya Bhandan(It's a festival for strengthening a bond of love between sisters and brothers). It includes black soybeans, mung beans, chickpeas, peas, soybeans, kidney beans, cowpeas, rice beans, and peas. The beans should be soaked for 3 to 4 days until they sprout, and then cooked with various spices to make a soup. People believe that the scent of Kwati would ward off the cold brought by the monsoon.


Selroti is a very addictive traditional food in Nepal. It is made of rice flour, salt, and sugar and then deep-fried in a ring shape. This food is prepared for Tihar, a widely celebrated Hindu festival in Nepal. It looks like a doughnut or bagel, but it is thinner and has a bigger hole. AS a kind of bread, it mostly serves as a snack and breakfast, with different curried vegetables, curried chicken, yogurt, and tea. In the past, it mainly appeared in street vendors and small restaurants. Nowadays, it can also be found in major department stores.

Dum Aloo or Aloor Dum

Dum Aloo is one of Nepal's most popular dishes and one of the best potato-based delicacies. The weather in Nepal is sultry and hot, and there are only a few ingredients to satisfy people's tastes. Dum Aloo is a spicy curry usually made with baby potatoes, so it's mainly used as an appetizer or snack, or as a side dish to eat with rice and Rotis. Like Selroti, it also becomes a holiday dish, which is served in special meals like weddings, celebrations, or festivals.

Dum Aloo, this traditional Indian dish originated in Kashmir and is widely popular in Nepal and India. Almost everyone likes it, and it must be on the menu of a traditional restaurant.

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