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Annual Council

Gregory Matthews

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One of the more important meetings of the SDA denomination, the so-called Annual Council, began yesterday, October 7 and ends on October 13.  Due to COVID issues, this meeting is a hybrid type in which the majority of the people, who would normally attend in person, will participate by digital means.  Only a few people will actually attend in person.

One important function of this meeting is that it identifies many of the items that will be considered at the next General Conference session.

I commend the General Conference for the transparency that it shows by releasing to the public, the Agenda of Annual Council.  The agenda for this meeting runs 104 pages in length and it may be accessed at:


I have not had the time to review the agenda in depth.  But, I understand from others who have reviewed it in depth that its general tone is to strengthen the level of compliance by lower level organizations with the policies of the higher levels of the organization.  Yes, I assume that there is probably much that deals with small stuff and does not actually impact on compliance.  Yet I can imagine that it likely deals with control and compliance.

In my understanding of final events, I see individual members and congregations as being required to operate indecently without any support from higher levels of organizational structure.  From this perspective, I consider that the primary function of higher levels of SDA structure should be to prepare those individual members and congregations to operate independently while successfully fulfill the role and mission that God has given to them in End Time.  That I believe should be now.

My surface review of the 104 page Agenda results in my asking if this important meeting will actually accomplish what needs to be done to prepare our members and congregations to fulfill the role and ministry that will be needed in the final days of this Earth.


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There were "compliance" issues at the Burbank, California church many years ago [70s?]. The issues  were different  but  "compliance" was among them. The local conference [Southern California] certainly didn't mess about. The pastor was sacked and the church padlocked. This matter came to my attention when I bumped into the former pastor at a Taco Bell in Glendale. He was a very cheerful gentleman, had moved into a new career, and apparently  found the entire episode amusing. Lot of people have become embittered through church conflict. He wasn't one of them.

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