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B/W Photodude

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Not sure why it seems that every new ordination of a woman, in rebellion to the General Conference, seems to push the envelope further and further. Well, you read the article:

As if WO isn’t bad enough, the Central States regional conference in Kansas is planning on ordaining a single woman with strange views on sexuality.

Kimberly Bulgin, who is the ‘pastor’ of the New Beginnings SDA church in Witchita, Kansas, is scheduled to be ordained, in violation of the will of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on October 23.

She is the founder of the Love God, Love Sex Movement, which claims to “challenge your traditional Christian viewpoint on sex when we destroy common myths about our sexuality.” Here are a few ways that she is challenging traditional Christian viewpoints of sex[uality], from her own blog.


You can check out my FREE Wild Worship devotional book, listen to FREE sermons and podcast episodes, sign up for the Love God, Love Sex Experience and purchase affordable bold t-shirts all on this site! 


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Unfortunate that the denomination is so out of touch with what some people really want. Of course, a certain class of people are interested in sexual immorality, might possibly be drawn to a church that revels in it. My guess is, however, that this type of person is not the type that is going to live righteously through the last days or any days. The ICOC attracted thousands of college age "disciples" with a strict program advocating chastity, virginity, and abstinence. There was strict accountability. Singles lived with others in either family homes or same gendered room mates. Un-chaperoned dating was not allowed. Certainly some people denounced the church as a cult; nevertheless, not only rocky marriages were healed, new ones based on Christian principles were established.

One young woman, a beauty queen in her home country, was kept by her wealthy boyfriend is an apartment which he visited when he liked. She had aborted 3 children they conceived. ICOC members convinced her to change her life. Next time her boyfriend showed up, she refused to let him in the apartment, told him things were going to be different in the future. He threw a fit but she held firm. Eventually, they were both baptized and became active members of the church.

Another lovely pre med student told of being raised in a Christian home, doing every thing right through her life but still being troubled by vague feelings of guilt and uncertainty, the source of which she was unaware. She too was approached by ICOC members and the source of her uncertainty and guilt was relieved by a renewed commitment to Christ. She was a real beauty queen, inside and out.

Probably most of these young people were contacted by fellow college students on the campus of universities such as MIT, Cal Tech, UCLA, USC and others. Most of these now Christian young people would be repulsed by the "ministry" that the denomination is validating through ordination. The leaders of the ICOC would also loudly condemn it.

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5 minutes ago, B/W Photodude said:

ICOC? Unknown to me acronym.

International Churches of Christ. They separated from the Church of Christ under the leadership of Kip McKean. Originally known as Campbellites, they were traditional debating opponents of SDA.

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In a previous message Photodude said in the quote below:

A fundamental issue related to this subject is:  Who has the authority to decide on who should be ordained?  Is it the Local Conference?  Is it the Union Conference?  Is it the General Conference?  In order to say whether or not an ordination is rebellion, that question must be answered.

The historic background of the SDA Chruch has been that the decision on ordination is made by the Union Ckonference.  The Local conference submits a list of candidates for ordination.  The Union Conference then either approved or did not approve of the individual candidates.  No other denominational unit was involved.   In this historic background the Constitution of the Union Conference was given the right to decide who should be ordained.

In order to say that an ordination was in rebellion, one would need to review the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union Conference to see if it still retained the authority to decide. I am willing to grant that in some cases the Union Constitution and By-Laws may have been changed in a manner that grants higher levels of the SDA organization to disapprove candidates for ordination.  I am not saying that this has been done.  I am only saying that it may have been done.

However, I believe that it has not been done in every case.  IOW, I believe that the Constitution and By-Laws of some Union conferences still have the final authority to determine who should be ordained and that authority has not been limited. 

In response, some may ask:  Does not the General Conference meeting in session have the authority to override the Constitution and By-Laws of a Union Conference.  The answer to that question is a decided "no."   The Constitution and By-Laws of a Union Conference can only be changed by a vote of the constituency of that Union Conference. 

So does that mean that the General Conference is without recourse as to actions to take.  No, it does not. it is limited in the actions that it can take.  But, it is not without the ability to act.  The General Conference meeting is session has the authority to expel an entire Union Conference from the organized SDA Chruch.   So far, the General Conference has not had the stomach to do so.

I guess the fundamental issue is:  How important does the General Conference believe female ordination to be?  So far, the General Conference does not appear to believe this issue is important enough to expel Union Conferences from the SDA denomination.

My prediction is that in the future the General Conference will not vote to expel any Union Conference and that in the future female ordination will become more accepted in the SDA denomination.  


Not sure why it seems that every new ordination of a woman, in rebellion to the General Conference, seems to push the envelope further and further. 

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10 hours ago, Gregory Matthews said:

My prediction is that in the future the General Conference will not vote to expel any Union Conference and that in the future female ordination will become more accepted in the SDA denomination.  

Personally I think it should be acceptable to ordinate women!!

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It has been done-

Adventist Insubordination Dressed Like a Catholic Procession

However, the Central States Conference, fully aware of these events, is engaging in an act of defiance. This is a complete disrespect and a mockery of the wishes of the world church. Not only are we seeing outright rebellion, but the General Conference is doing absolutely nothing about these rogue entities that are spreading their feminist revolution. Today you can defy the clear teachings of God’s word, you can defy the decisions of the world church in general session and you can defy the expressed will of God about unity and cooperation and no one is disciplined.


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