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On 11/10/2021 at 9:59 AM, B/W Photodude said:

It would seem that stinsonmarri brings up skin color more than anyone on this forum. And she supports organizations and movements that are racist in their makeup. I would suggest that stinsonmarri is the most racist person on this forum even as she wraps up her rants with "bless you" and other pseudo-history. All racism is not whites hating on blacks. There is more than enough racism in the black community to go around.

Mothers and fathers have a right and duty to be involved in their chidlrens education. Unfortunately, many on the left are using education for racist and political means. This is demonstrated by the justice department wanting to use the government to target parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and attempt to define them as "domestic terrorists."

How many times are you going to say that? What is wrong bringing up skin color. You have done it yourself! White is a skin color you know. "There is more than enough racism in the black community to go around." You are not telling the truth have you been in every Black person neighborhood? What neighborhood would that be? This is your problem you talk about Black skin and degrade them constantly. But whoa if we say the same about White skin you are the one who gets bent out of shape. It is ridiculous!

Then again no one was talking or doing this critical race theory. You get all of this false propaganda and off you go. Can't accept me talking about Ham your uncle who have been falsely accused and your cousins. Wow! You and I are related and you do not like it! So, here you go always accusing me instead looking in the mirror. I can not see why me talking about skin and color is a problem. I am equal to you. You do it and I can to. Now please try to understand that. I will continue to point out Biblically and factually the truth. Can you handle it Photodue or do you want say the same thing over and over.

I have never call anyone here domestic terrorist! But, the ones who broke into the Congress building that's what they are! You finally recognize their skin color! Before you stated that they were Antifa remember. There is no Antifa, but there are skin heads, and others who did this awful crime. It's a shame always want to blame the Black Organizations, and you have not found any of them being chase or being sought after by the FBI. But I am racist, that's a joke as usual you superior character is the problem. But, it will not rule me.

That's why you are so mad and you need prayer!

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1 hour ago, bonnie said:

Yes, most people know there is one human race. Hardly need you to clarify that. Do you get some kind of perverse pleasure with this kind of ramblings?  You know regardless of how you pretend exactly what was meant and said.


You are talking complete foolishness AGAIN.  Tried to make what truth? I know that for some people the hardest concept to grasp is not everyone is as impressed with their supposed intelligence as they are.

Absolutely nothing you said has anything to do with the topic. You are right, I believe very little of your ramblings as it relates to a topic. Noah, his three sons, Hebrews prejudiced against whites has nothing to do with the current  topic or my salvation. No I do not believe you are very happy. You have far to big a chip on your shoulder. 

Covetousness and racist  are two different behaviors. Why not start your own topic on covetousness  and  drop the incoherent ramblings on racism

I can clarify if I want! Do you actually think I care about what you feel about my happiness. That is so funny! Bonnie just look at your superiority attitude. I do not care if you cannot understand that there is no such thing as racist. If you want to accept it go ahead, I don't and you are not my ruler. I do not have to agree with your views and it does not bother me. I don't care if you don't accept what I say or not. But let me share this news flash I can comment my beliefs and views too. So, as I have said to you cuz, your glass is half full. YAHSHUA died for me and if I am faithful, HE WILL save me. So, I am not worry with all of the negative things you state. I will keep saying and believing in the truth.


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It is time to take a Sabbath break.

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