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Secular Newspaper article mentioning Ellen G. White


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This would be not be an article that speaks highly of Ellen White but one that appears to be written by a man who was at one time SDA and left the Church. I searched the name of this author on Kingdom of Adventistan and did get several hits - it seems he wrote some books while he was still an Adventist that were published. 

Link to the article: 

Walla Walla native writes new book about Ellen White, co-founder of Adventism | Arts | union-bulletin.com


I found that AT (Adventist Today) also has a back and forth on this person at their site: 

Steve Daily Responds to Alden Thompson and Jonathan Butler | Adventist Today (atoday.org)


Has anyone here read his book and looked at "the evidence" he claims to have discovered? 



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Steve Daily is all that the source you cited said that he was.  IOW, he was once a major SDA pastor.

From my graduate background in psychology, I am hesitant to make a diagnosis absent an in-depth personal interview with the individual.  IOW, I do not like to do such for any historical figure that has lived in the past.

My initial evaluation of this book is to consider it to be somewhat in the same light as I have considered the book written by Walter Rae:  The White Lie.  I consider the SDA Church to be endebted to the work that Rae did.  He discovered facts.  I do not argue facts that he discovered.  However, I faulted him for his evaluation of facts.    I had followed Walter Rae for years, while he remained a "good" but extreme Adventist.  I faulted him at that time because he elevated EGW well above the position that she should have held.  Then when he found her to be human, facts that could not be dismissed, he changed his opinion of her 180 degrees and went totally in the exact opposite direction.

I believe that Steve Daily would have been more helpful if he had been a bit more nuanced in his evaluation of EGW.  For whatever reason, I think that he has gone further than warrented in his evaluation of EGW.

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I should probably explain:

In his early days, Walter Rae presented himself as one who almost thought that God had dictated the words that Ellen White wrote and therefore was totally without error.  When Rae was forced to admit error in her works, he went totally 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

During those early days, I kept track of Rae and what he was writing.  I do not mean to say that I agreed with him.  I did not.


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