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Excellent article!! Right to the point!! I'd go beyond the gaslighting, but I will just say I definitely agree with Tihomir Kukolja, he is right on!!

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What a sad situation. They fall for Satan's temptation to Jesus to show his faith by casting himself down. 

There was a boy who the disciple's routine casting out of demons did not work on. Jesus said it is because that kind only comes out with fasting and prayer; which indicates a deep thoughtful study and research where they are not taking time to eat. How many were working with fasting and prayer to develop the vaccine?

We Seventh-day Adventists build health clinics and hospitals, and have a health message to cooperate with the laws of health, in contrast to faith healers "Eat what you wish, I don't care how much you smoke, don't worry about protective situations, just do as you please and come forward to be healed!!!" The Sabbath and Sunday issue is the same attitudes towards whether cooperating with laws or a blind faith rebelling against laws. 

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":psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one's emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator" (Merriam-Webster s.v. gaslighting).


Lot of antivaxxers are just plain ignorant. Gaslighting isn't the problem, lack of information is. As for health care professionals, they may not be ignorant but they may have been gaslighted by their belief system, i.e., paranoia about government control linked to Sunday worship. Their knowledge of biology and pharmacology is overridden by their religion based fears. As for others, attorneys, for example, probably most would not know a antigen from a T cell so their views on vaccination are worthless.

Just from casual observation, I've not seen any health care professionals trained in infectious disease, public health, or epidemiology opposing vaccinations. As for the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon on vaccinations in this context, meh.

In the days of the AIDS fiasco, there were medical doctors  advancing various scenarios which were mostly false. Adventist "ghettoes"  have their share of "wackos" who do a lot of damage to people in the name of Sister White.


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I am not going to get into a long discussion on the problems of Covid other than to say that this article seemed to toe the "party-line" in it's discussion of Covid and vaccines. Unfortunately, there has been misinformation on all sides of this issue and almost no one is worth listening too. The behaviors of those in our very own government are suspect and while I use to be a supporter of the CDC and a "vaccine junkie", not so sure regarding these people anymore. 

What I have noticed thru this whole pandemic is the willingness of the US government agencies to disparage medications that work against this virus and in a gung-ho manner promote the vaccines which don't seem to work anyway. Everyday you hear of people who have been vaccinated getting sick and dying. Hydroxychloroquine was the medication of choice for the SARS of 2003 and promoted by Fauci himself. It has been used for decades for malaria sufferers, but all of a sudden, oh no!, we can't use that! My doctor refused to prescribe it when I was sick with covid. Ivermectin has been used very well in other countries and is credited with emptying out their ICUs and one state in India has declared themselves Covid free after giving out ivermectin to much of the population. In this country, you have to guess how much to use of the stuff you can buy at a veterinary supply house (after going around the signs to not use it for covid). NAC (n-acetyl cysteine), used for "storming", and was written about in NIH papers. This medication was readily available in health food stores and thru Amazon. The FDA went and banned the substance and it disappeared from Amazon. The US government has done a bunch of stuff that is suspicious, but let's blame all the problems on the anti-vaxxers!


So, go ahead and believe this article from Spectrum, but to me it just seems like they are going lock step with government agencies trying to control the population thru the guise of looking out for our health.

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Not really a good article. Maybe a good example of the gas lighting on the left though. But the article is pretty well summed up by this strangely unsupported paragraph:
"All this is dividing Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Pentecostal, and evangelical communities, with the potential to cause permanent damage to some of them. Wherever it sets its roots it comes in the company of endless supplies of conspiracy theories, twisted unorthodox theological variations, and eschatological misinterpretations, and with expressed political allegiances to the far-right. In the US, for example, many white evangelicals are driven by the Republican Party urge to oppose everything that is supported and called for by Democrats. They are against vaccinations just because Democratic leaders are calling for people to be fully vaccinated."

Really? Operation warp speed was done by a Republican administration. The Vaccinations were encouraged by President Trump. Actually Democrats like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi stated their hesitancy over the vaccines see:

 But certainly if there was some Republican Party leaders against vaccinations just because Democratic leaders are calling for vaccinations the author could have given us an example or two. I mean the author referred to an employment lawsuit allegation against Dave Ramsey as if lawsuits that have not been decided mean something more than unproven allegations, the author surely could back up his point. But since his point is a fiction he can't do that. Gas lighting par excellence. 

In simple terms this is Progressive leftism searching for material to impugn anything of a conservative nature. 

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