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I heard Pastor Sequeira do a weekend seminar at a church in Pasadena. It was one of the clearest and most enlightening sermons I have ever heard. After his talk, people lined up at the microphone, contradicting him with EGW quotes. Finally, Pastor Sequeira said "Whatever you think Sr. White said, she didn't contradict the plain teachings of Scripture, which I have shared with you." There followed a revival among some members of the church.. Pastor Sequeira was a giant of a gospel preacher. Glad I had a chance to hear him!

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I have to confess, having read one of his books, hearing him over a weekend seminar series, and even reading Martin Weber's chapter on him (with caution since he completely missed what Graham Maxwell was teaching: Graham said that he could not answer since he felt that Weber wanted him to defend the ideas ascribed to him, which Maxwell said that he could not defend ideas he never held). But for some reason I could not make heads nor tails out of what Pastor Sequeira was teaching. And in his seminar he called Graham Maxwell's ideas "a bunch of garbage". 

Reading this notice, while I don't know if I'd agree with how he came to the conclusion, I like the idea that the death of Jesus saves everyone but that we can opt out of the salvation. Jim Ayers use to have Sabbath School lesson comments close to 20 years ago (He replaced Dr. Harding). In one he pointed out that until Saint Augustine that the church taught that the death of Jesus saved everyone except those who actively reject it. And that it was Augustine who changed it so that he considered everyone lost unless they actively accept what Jesus did for us. So, again, while I can't explain his reasoning, I like that conclusion. 

With a proper understanding of hell you can probably say that both views are correct. But of course the traditional eternal burning hell that Augustine believed, and that we either are allowed to enter heaven or get dragged off to hell colors how this is understood. I don't know what Elder Sequeira's view of hell was, but as I understand the Bible and Mrs. White, hell fire is the fire of God's love, beauty and glory. At the second coming, the last thing that Jesus says to the lost before they run to the rocks and caves is "My grace is sufficient for you!" He does not go "My grace is sufficient for you Gregory, and for you GHansen and you Dick, but I'm sorry Kevin, it's not sufficient for you..." The difference between the saved and lost is if we believe him when he says "My grace is sufficient for you" or if we reject it and say that he's lying and that sooner or later he will give me what I deserve."

Until 2020 I understood the nations mourning at the second coming in Revelation 1:7 as the lost, especially those who pierced him. Now we are told that those involved with the trials of Jesus will see him and cry "He is the messiah, he is the son of God" but the immediate context of Revelation 1:7 are the things that Jesus does for us, and it is a quote from Zachariah 12 and early 13. The tears of Revelation 1:7 are the tears of despite all my sins, he loves and accepts me and will make me his priest. They are tears of being overwhelmed by his love and grace. 

The lost are those who simply refuse this grace. They have destroyed their will power and have become slaves to feelings. This is the true message of spiritualism. While the saved cry like never before that despite what I have done, his grace is sufficient for me" the lost feel that they don't deserve this grace (which we don't) and that despite appearing all kind and loving and accepting now, but sooner or later God will give me what I deserve." Their imagination pictures what they would do to someone like themselves if they were God, and this fear rips them away from their deepest desire: to be like and with Jesus. 

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I especially recall Pastor Sequeira's comment on this text: 1 Jn. 23 ¶  "This is His commandment, that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He commanded us." Pastor Sequeira commented, " When we believe in Jesus Christ, we fulfill our obligations to the first part of the Decalogue. When we love our fellow man, we fulfill our obligations to the rest of the Decalogue." That seemed simple and sensible enough. As I continued to study "commandment/s" in John's writings, I realized that the commandments were the teachings of Christ, not the Decalogue. That's actually quite obvious when one looks at all the times "commandments" are mentioned in John's writings.

I heard both Pastors Weiland and Sequeira speak at different times. No comparison. Pastor Jack presented fine gospel presentations. Why people wanted to argue with him based on EGW quotes remains a mystery. 

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