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Genesis by Jacques Doukhan (and a DVD on genesis by Gary A. Rendsburg)

Kevin H

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With this Sabbath School quarterly being on Genesis, Dr. Doukhan is the major contributor, this would be a good time to get and read his Commentary on Genesis. It is outstanding!!! Of course he was one of my favorite professors. I just finished reading the commentary about a month ago. 

Some highlights includes that the creation story has at least 3 levels. White it is focused on the special 7 days, it also branches out to the creation of the entire universe, and the creation of the great controversy, all before that special week. 

Part of this made it into the quarterly, but part didn't He points out how the message to the woman comes right out of what God said to the serpent. The phrase "your desire will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you" the "he" is not the husband who she will desire, but the redemptive "He" of Genesis 3:15. The promised seed is to rule over her, and through her to her husband.  The quarterly put in a Mrs. White quote that superficially sounds like it contradicts what Doukhan pointed out in his commentary. 

Besides the commentary, may I also recommend a DVD series from the Great Courses on Genesis by Gary A. Rendsburg. (look for it when it's on sale) https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/book-of-genesis


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