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Is God’s Wrath Active or Passive?

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I apologize for the long silence. There has been so much going on I haven’t had the “bandwidth” to focus on the blog. But publishing the below is necessary as a background to discussion I am having with followers of the Facebook Commentary.   When Revelation speaks of the wrath of the nations (Rev 11:18) […]

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I've been reading Jon's blog and very much appreciate what he teaches. 

As to the question of whether or not God's wrath is active or passive: it is both. First of all God's active wrath keeps sin in check. The 7 last plagues are when God's active wrath is poured out, thus he allows sin to be unchecked by a period of being passive with his wrath. 

Then when we get to the end of sin and sinners, as I've pointed out several times; it is not an imposed punishment, not some kind of divine spanking. It is simply God showing up in person. But there are two responses to this. The wicked could avoid their destruction if God did not show up. (granted they would end up killing each other, or eternally torture each other.) Thus God's final action is indeed active, but it is passive in that God does not treat the lost any differently from how he treats the saved.

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